Mobile Browser(WAP) Site Design & Development

Mobile Browser (WAP) Site Design & Development

Mobile web development is the creation of a website, which is easily accessible from various mobile devices like cell phones, smartphones and even tablets, provided they have an active mobile network or a wireless network. Mobile web development mainly uses Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) or WML (Wireless Markup Language) to build lightweight pages, which is easily delivered and viewed on various mobile devices.

At Curly Bit, we understand that in this fast moving world where people access most of the information from their smartphone, it has become inevitable for businesses worldwide to complement their main website with a mobile website. This is the reason why we provide the client with a mobile website that will allow them to target a wider market, which is largely accessed via smartphone devices.

Our Methodology for Successful Mobile Website Design

  • Design graphics and visuals as per the client’s nature of the business, market, region and country
  • Clear and consistent typography for easy viewing on the small screen devices
  • Uniform page layout for all the mobile website pages

Our Approach for Successful Mobile Web Development

  • Client’s perspective for mobile website
  • Web design aspects
  • Technology aspects like WAP 1.X, WAP 2.0, HTML5
  • W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards

Solutions with Mobile Web Development

  • Static and dynamic mobile websites
  • Social networking mobile sites
  • Corporate websites
  • E-Commerce mobile websites
  • CMS mobile websites
  • Mobile blog sites
  • Mobile photo galleries
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