WordPress Customization

WordPress Customization

An award winning Open Source web software, WordPress is widely used to build heavy content websites and blog sites. It has many versatile features as well as plug-in architecture and a template system that enables WordPress Customization with the facility to transform into a full-fledge content management system. Some of the advantages of WordPress development are:

  • Full compliance with W3C (world Wide Web Consortium) standards
  • Availability of numerous themes
  • Easy installation as well as upgrades
  • Intelligent text formatting and spam protection
  • XML-RPC interface
  • Typographical niceties
  • Full user registration, multiple authors and comments

At Curly Bit, being in this IT industry for a considerable time, we have gained tremendous knowledge on various Open Source technologies, including WordPress. Our team of experienced and skilled WordPress developers is well-versed with the WordPress web software and its complementary technologies. Together with our experienced team of WordPress developers and expertise on other Open Source technologies, we at Curly Bit thrive to deliver exceptional solutions with WordPress development.

Why Choose Curly Bit For WordPress Development?

  • Considerable years of experience in various Open Source technologies
  • Experienced and competent team of WordPress developers
  • We have stern development methodology that enable us to deliver the project on-time and on-budget
  • We have successfully customized and executed numerous projects with WordPress development
  • Exceptional quality solution for heavy content website and blog site

Proficiency in WordPress Customization

  • WordPress theme customization
  • WordPress integration
  • SEO friendly templates and contents
  • Custom web layouts and graphic headers
  • Integration of social bookmarking sites
  • Ping and RSS notifications
  • Integration of web statistics
  • Spam filtering

Solution with WordPress Development

  • Heavy content dynamic website development
  • Heavy content blog site development
  • Custom CMS development
  • Online stores
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