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Software Development

Software development or software application development is the well thought out computer programming activity, which comprises of writing and maintaining the set of instruction to achieve the desired product. The reasons why many businesses worldwide prefer our software development solutions are:

  • Can be tailored as per specified requirements
  • Facilitate better productivity with minimum efforts
  • Offer additional report generating tools that are limited in ready-made software
  • Provide better management of clientele, as well as employees and business functions
  • Prove to be a cost-effective solution in the long run

At Curly Bit we follow a standardized Software Development Life Cycle. With thorough knowledge of the latest development methodologies, our team of experienced and skilled software developers can provide any software development solution, irrespective the nature of client’s industry.

Why Choose Curly Bit for Software Development?

  • We have thorough knowledge in both Microsoft and Open Source technologies
  • Experienced and skilled software developers
  • We believe in delivering software solution that improves productivity with minimum efforts
  • We ensure to deliver project on-time and on-budget

Our Methodology for Successful Software Development

  • Preliminary analysis of client’s nature of industry
  • Detail analysis for software requirement
  • Software application design (defining workflow)
  • Software application development (actual coding)
  • Integration and testing
  • Quality checks
  • Installation and deployment
  • Maintenance (if required)
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