HTML5 Development

HTML5 Development

HTML is one of the most widely used, effective, proven and preferred markup languages for creating web pages. Today, with the emergence of HTML5, the markup language provides a tool to create web pages that provide solutions that are mobile app friendly.

With the competition between major mobile platforms, the requirement for mobile applications that can work flawlessly on all platforms had become mandatory.

At Curly Bit we understand the need for universal mobile apps that need to work on various mobile platforms. This is the reason why we always strive for brilliance to deliver cost-effective, universal HTML5 mobile applications that can work on various major mobile platforms. With considerable experience, as well as in-depth knowledge on HTML5, our competent team of HTML5 developers can cater to the requirements of any HTML5 mobile application.

Benefits of HTML5 Mobile Development & HTML5 Web Development

  • Cleaner markup and improved code
  • Capability to stream audio, video and animated contents on the browser without the requirement of Adobe Flash
  • Geo location support to make location directly available on browser or application
  • Offline application cache capability

Why Choose Curly Bit for HTML5 App Development

  • Considerable years of experience as well as in-depth knowledge on HTML5 development
  • Competent and experienced tram of HTML5 developers
  • We believe in delivering cost-effective, universal HTML5 mobile application that can work on various mobile platforms
  • We follow stern development standards that enable us to deliver the HTML5 app on-time and on-budget
  • We have successfully built and delivered many universal application via HTML5 app development
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