Website Analytics

Website Analytics

Website analytics is the precise process of measuring, collecting, analyzing and reporting of various internet data specific to your website for purposes of understanding and optimizing the web usage. Along with measuring the web traffic, web analytics is also used as a business and marketing research tool, which can eventually improve the effectiveness of a website. Web analytics can even monitor web traffic and provide information regarding the number of visitors to a website as well as the number of webpage views. The web analytics could be carried out via on-site or off-site web analytics.

These days, it is very crucial to monitor website traffic in order to ascertain the visitors’ behavior. Understanding the behavior of web visitors can largely help optimize the effectiveness of the website. Conventionally, web usage data were collected using server log file. Nowadays, the data is collected using page tagging method, which uses JavaScript that has been embedded into the site page code.

Why Choose Curly Bit to Monitor Website Traffic

At Curly Bit, we have a skilled and competent team of internet experts who have in-depth knowledge on how internet and website work. Using their skills not only they monitor the website traffic, but develop an optimization strategy to best optimize your web presence. Our experts can monitor website traffic for:

  • Hit received by a website
  • Bounce rate
  • Exit rate
  • Page view
  • Visit / first visit
  • New and repeat visitor
  • Click path
  • Average page view duration

Benefits of Web Analytics at Curly Bit

  • In-depth knowledge on how internet and website work
  • Comprehensive web analytic report
  • Solution to optimize web usage
  • Timely reporting
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